A toi, cher 1A à Sciences Po : guide d’orientation à Tampere – English version


This can seem a bit akward, to have this article in English without any warning, but you’ll soon have adapt communicate in English 100% of your time! (or 80% if you still love your family and call them regurlarly)

Then, I thought it could be interesting to write this article about your arrival in Tampere in English, so you dive right away in the English-speaking world that will be yours for one year! Well, let’s get into it!

Lucky you, Finnish people are really efficient and helpful when it comes to administrative stuff so you’ll be soon settled. However, here are the few steps you’ll have to get through!

First you need to pick up your papers in the university from the UTA International office (Main building, A129).

The bank to pay the fees for the student card is NORDEA (or you can do an online transfer with the IBAN you’ll get with your registration papers).

You have to bring the receipt and your papers to the Registrar’s Office (almost next to the International Office)).

To get your Finnish Identity Number Code, you need to bring an identity document and one of the paper the university gave you to the Local Register Office (Maistraati).

The place to get your bus card is the Tampere Regional Transport Service Desk (http://joukkoliikenne.tampere.fi/en/info/customer-service.html).

You’ll probably receive a mail from the University with other infos, maybe there will be a special desk to get your papers (I got mine from the Summer School info desk for instance). I think you’ll have a campus tour like we did and others events during the Orientation week!

Regarding clothes, I bought warm snow boots and a winter jacket in Tampere, you can check in Koskikeskus, which a big shopping centre where you’ll find many fashion and sport brands.

Finally, about your room, it depends where you’ll be but if you’re going to Lapinkaari as I did, I recommend buying a wifi router as the internet can only be accessed by a ethernet cable. so having a router will allow to have « floating wifi » in your room, for both your laptop and your phone. You can get a starting package at the university that you’ll rent for the year, with pans, pots, some cuttlery. To be honest I managed to cook with free-use stuff in the kitchens, but if you don’t want to share and prefer to have your own « kitchen kit », that option could be appropriate for you! Don’t forget to check the Recycling Room in the University of Tampere, where exchange students leave their stuff like pillows, blankets, plants… if you want to save money rather than going to Ikea!

Enjoy your exchange year, you’ll soon see how rich and full it is. Try to appreciate every moment, every opportunity, every discussion you could have because one year is quite short in the end and don’t worry if sometimes you feel low, being able to manage yourself and your emotions is part of the process and is one of the lessons you’ll get from the experience.


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